©Matt Wragg

Trought the Gravel Trophy race, it’s first of all a human adventure and challenge that we are proposing.

A 2 days adventure between the sea and the mountains, with a selection of the most beautiful routes !


For the competitors but also for the nature lovers, it was impossible for us to propose a race with roads only...

Gravel Bike aims to break down the barriers imposed by the traditional cycling, we wanted to bring fun and a new approach around "the discovery and the adventure".

That's exactly what we needed!


We wanted to give free rein to our inspiration, to explore new spaces, while keeping a link with performance.


The Gravel Bike, by its versatile use between road and trail, was therefore the best tool for this event.


What awaits you?

A sporting adventure combining performance and sharing, enriched by the discovery of the history and heritage of this unique region through the Alpine peaks and perched villages.


The challenges are.... several courses according to the levels, both accessible and physically difficult, on 2 days with a night in bivouac.

With friends, alone or with the help of a few volts, the Gravel Trophy is for you!

Who will be able do it ?

Motivated ??? If Yes, the registration will be open october 9th 2019, right next to the tab that is aptly named.

Once validated, finished laughing you have to go to train ... Good luck :-)